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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Bold Safari

I need a safari skirt, safari shorts, a safari dress, a safari playsuit, safari everything. They are just some of the things you need, whether you wear them or not. And then, some of the things you want but don't have. This week, I hit the Mango sales with the single aim of finding a couple of pairs of shoes I knew I wanted even while full-priced  but never got round to go shopping for them. And what did I get? A plain safari skirt and errm, a few extra bits and bobs.

The basic look is pretty easy to work: take something simple in a shade anywhere between stone and dark khaki (mine is dark beige or light camel), and add rich leather  accessories. The thing about safari is, well, while timeless and sort of chic, it easily washes you out. This season's boldness comes in handy to spice things up. You can go for a flash of royal blue, red, coral, even yellow, or do as I do and pick emerald green. You'll find this medium dark hue really flattering, whatever your true colours are.

I could not resist adding the green patent shoulder bag... matchy-matchy as it seems, what dominates is the eye-popping factor so why not load up? And, if you're short of bag space -I know you are- grab another beauty of an arm candy. I think the 1970s style platform wedges I've had for a few years will do nicely for the city safari. 

P.S. On the second evening of being abducted by UFOs (dearest's term for me getting sucked in by the shops and losing track of time), I did manage to pick up the last pairs of the shoes I had been after in my size - I'm sure they will crop up in one post or another soon enough.

shirt, skirt and bags: Mango, belt: C&A, sandals: River Island, sunglasses: Zara

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