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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Happy Anniversary

They won't stop me. Neither the long day at work, nor the long evening with family and friends. Or sleep deprivation. Or a sore throat. I want to celebrate the second anniversary of GreyCatte's Book Of Style, and the second birthday of GreyCatte as a blogger.

The start of the second year was perfect - I had all the time in the world for about two months - from late winter well into spring - to dedicate to this brainchild. Now, as another year ends, I have all but missed London Fashion Week. This must change. And so it will.

The last outfit I wore and took a few snaps of too was this one, a cute and comfy dress in navy and toffee by Miss Selfridge. It's very 1970s, but in a simple and clean way, giving me the chance to subtly complement it with some winter platforms, then go a bit overboard with a floppy hat.

I have the same boots, the Dr. Martens Darcie, in tan as well, but the black embossed ones, with black tights, were the ones that felt right. But that's OK - the mock croc rich brown classic shoulder bag manages to push it back a bit towards paired-back OTT.

Dress: Miss Selfridge, boots: Dr. Martens, hat: New Look,
bag: TK Maxx

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